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Tracking profit has been a bit hard because I was adding/removing pairs for a bit. Since I like my lists tidy and GB loses the PnL data of the pairs you remove, it was a bit of a pain doing it.

As you say, Gunbot only takes into account the pairs that are already added for PNL calculation. In my case it’s not a big issue as I prefer to keep trading with the same pairs (trusted coins for me). In your case you can do 2 things:

1- Override STOP AFTER NEXT SELL in pairs you want to stop trading with, so they will still be added and their PNL will be calculated.

2- Other option would be to keep a second bot instance, in a different directory, with Watch Mode activated and all the pairs added. This way this instance could be used to check the PNL for all the pairs.

I’m using to auto adjust my TL based on the SG mutation TL calculator. I used to do it once a week so auto TL compounding is nice.

Note that changing TL in the middle of a cycle can mess the internal calculations. SG Mutation makes different calculations as DCA count shown in Dashboard is not accurate at all. What you can do is:

1- Set stop after next sale and then set a new TL for the new cycle.

2- Other option is to change TL a bit, for example from 100 to 110. (It would mess a bit calculations but it won’t be a huge difference). What I mean is that you can change it a bit even in the middle of a cycle and it wouldn’t have a bug impact in SG Mutation behavior.

The real test will be when we trend down a while I guess.

Not only the real test for the strategy, but also for botters, as I have seen people panicing after a 5%- 10% drop and selling with loses. I recently faced a huge drop (from 60 to 70%) and it took 2 months to exit the cycle with profit for some coins, but it was a matter of time. During that time I had cold mind a left the bot doing its job, so better be ready for that. Also note that the deeper the price goes, the higher the profit will be when closing the cycle :thumbup:

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