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    Tracking profit has been a bit hard because I was adding/removing pairs for a bit. Since I like my lists tidy and GB loses the PnL data of the pairs you remove, it was a bit of a pain doing it. Be nice when we get v4 for auto add/remove pairs.

    I started looking into AC’s a bit more too the last couple of days and today I added Pim’s total base value override as a job, which I’m using to auto adjust my TL based on the SG mutation TL calculator. I used to do it once a week so auto TL compounding is nice.

    I’m also going to start using the total base value override to work out profitability of the strats I’m running and comparing with the values GB provides. If it works the way I think it’s going to, using the total base value will provide me with more accurate profit reporting and I’ll be able to add/remove pairs without worry about losing any pnl data.

    As for the pairs I’m trading, I just hand picked ones I like based on nothing. No logic behind it. I reduced the pairs I’m running as it was taking too long to cycle through them all.

    Most are ok but we’ve been going up since I started running this. Longest bag I’ve held so far is 8 days with RSR and the bag isn’t very big. The real test will be when we trend down a while I guess.

    The pairs I want to remove, I let it run like normal but I set STOP AFTER NEXT SELL to true. I’ll delete the pair when the trade completes.

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