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Hey GH, nice changes. I’m interested with the reduction of trading period, how it went the last couple days. Does it perform many more buys than before? Hopefully you got your GB sorted to be able to answer that.

Hey @megadarv, I’m personally liking the 5min timeframe quite a lot, but mainly because I’m quite aggressive so it suits my trading style well. Keep in mind though that because the timeframe is smaller, the support and resistance levels will have a smaller spread (due to less candles) and so DCAs will generally burn through your funds quicker. I’ve got spare funds set aside that I can put in if I ever get fully bagged and need to manually DCA further, but so far I haven’t come close to needing to do this. Though one of the biggest reasons for this is because I only trade high-cap cryptos (e.g. BTC, ETH, ADA, DOT, SOL) so the drawdowns generally aren’t as big as they are for the small-caps which help make things more manageable. I wouldn’t recommend the 5min timeframe if you can’t cover all your DCA amounts nor would I recommend it for small-caps.