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Hey GH, nice changes. I’m interested with the reduction of trading period, how it went the last couple days. Does it perform many more buys than before? Hopefully you got your GB sorted to be able to answer that.

I’m personally really liking the 5 minute trading period, but keep in mind that it’s much more aggressive than the 15 minute period and will usually burn through your wallet quicker as it definitely does place more buy orders. This is because the candles are finer compared (3 times as many candles) and so the support and resistance levels (hence grid buys/trailing ranges etc.) will usually be tighter.

My personal strategy is to use short trading periods, a moderate number of pairs (all of which I’m happy to hold in case of a dump, such as BTC, ETH, ADA, ENJ etc.), and smaller TLs. I know some people prefer fewer pairs with higher TLs, but I personally find that having more pairs with lower TLs works better for me as it results in steadier profits. Regardless of which route you go down, just make sure you have enough funds to cover all DCAs. If you decide to trade on a smaller timeframe, then it would also be useful to keep some funds in reserve ‘just in case’.

and @javieralv – Really good job on this strat, the trailing ranges are doing a great job at catching the bottoms. A really big improvement over V2!

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