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I also got a very very nice profit since I started it 2 weeks ago

Glad to hear that. Nice job :thumbup:

I post my last results in my thread but did not get approved yet.

Sorry, my bad. We had a lot of spam posts so I had to set some restrictive settings. Every post that includes links (pics are considered links) is on hold until I manually approve it. I don’t like it but sadly is the only way to fight against spammers. And there was several post sharing results that I approved today. Apologies for the delay. I want to set a new forum role for contibutors so you will be able to post your results and be insta-approved.

I really like this strategy, one of the best strategies since I start GB back in 2017 By the way, when can we get V4?

So far v4.2 improvements are only implemented to C5, C6 and DB1 (most likely I will change the names so we know if it’s v3.5 or 4.x). Anyway v4 it’s still under development and so far only Javier and me are testing it. I don’t want to distribute it until it’s fully tested.

By the way, in the previous post the profit the bot got is 450. Ok, the thing is that at the moment of taking the picture, the total profit wasn’t updated. Now it is, and the real profit the bot got on 1st August is 505$

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