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Finally USDT-ETH pair closed its cycle with nice profit: 439$

After 101 days running SG Mutation (v2, v3, v3.5 and v4) I got 3747$. The average has been 37$ / day.

The bot did a nice work lowering avergare bought prices for all pairs, and it managed to end cycles with profit despite all pairs dropped by 60-70% recently. Now all the pairs are cycling fast and nicely.

Latest days have been very profitable. Specially 26th July, when it closed a big USDT-UNI cycle, and yesterday, 1st August, when it closed USDT-ETH cycle (Started the cycle in 4400 and ended it selling with profit at 2599).

From now on I will start posting the results in a new post I will made for v4 version.

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