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USDT-BNB and USDT-UNI pairs closed their cycles with nice profits:

As you can see, USDT-UNI pair was sold at a very good price. Thanks to TRAIL_ME it sold much higher than the original sell target.

In the pic above you can see the profits from 22 April 2021 to 26 July 2021. For some reason after updating to latest Gunbot version I lost the stats from 20 March to 22 April, so this is all I can show. Anyway you can check the profits from 20 March onwards on other posts.

603 trades made in 3 months (95 days).

Profit per pair. As you can see ETH has been the less profitable. I know ETH is working very good for many people, but in my case it’s “stuck” in a big cycle starting at 4400, so it made less trades than it should under normal conditions.

The pic above shows the daily profit. As you can see the last day was very profitable as it ended both BNB and UNI cycles.

ETH cycle is close to be closed too, and it will be a huge one :thumbup:

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