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How to create the telegram bot:
(I recommend to stop Gunbot until the Telegram bot is created, then you can start it again).

Now open your Telegram and follow next steps:

1. Send a message to @Botfather and type /start and then /newbot to write the name and nickname you want for your bot.
2. Send a message to @myidbot and type /start and then /getid to get the ChatID of your telegram account.
3. Go to your Gunbot GUI by typing localhost:5000 in your browser. Then go to Profile – Telegram, activate the Telegram Notifications, paste the Token that @Botfather gave you previously, in “Chat Id” and in “Admin Id” paste the number you got from @Myidbot. Now click Save.
4. Click on Start trading button, and start a chat on your telegram with the username you chose for your bot in point 1 and type /start and you will see some buttons. Go to Settings – Notifications and enable bot alerts.

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