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Gunbot – v23.0.1 beta

– Add some extra logs in order to attempt to catch something useful for me to fix the so called “stuck” gunbots of these latest days.

– Add a simple cloud scraper with logs that has been useful in the past, to check if the “stuck” gunbots are being cloudflared.

– Fix issue on pnl page that reverted “All” to “None”.

– StepGrid: keep dust to a minimum when using manual step size.

– AutoConfig: add new job type, “manageOverrides2” that can use ticker filters to manage overrides. Output options are exactly the same as for “manageOverrides”. Use the GUI AC or code editor to create a valid job template.

– Add a few debug logs to pnl page to help identify cause of monday freezing behaviour.

– Please if you want to help nailing the “monday ghost” bug in gui pnl page, open your java console in the browser.


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