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In my opinion GAIN: 0.2 is too low. It usually gets 1%, 2%… Anyway, did you disabled “Autogain”? If you didn’t the bot is running Autogain despite you set any value to GAIN. In other words, if you want GAIN parameter to be taken into account by the bot, you need to set AUTOGAIN to “false”.

Yes, I disabled autogain, actually you cannot change gain without disable autogain first. and I agree with you of course autogain better to increase my profit per trade but my idea is to make the start more more aggressive and make as many trades as it can per day with small gains, the end result per day in my calculation might be higher then autogain enabled or at least same. I would to achieve my daily target of profit in fewer hours than the normal strategy do.


How are you calculating the PNL? I recommend you to take a look at this post, maybe it can clear you some things:

Thank you. I have restarted the bot and now it’s showing the correct PNL, here is the new and updated PNL: