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     I made some modification to make it more aggressive: Period: 5m SMA: 21 Gain: 0.2

    In my opinion GAIN: 0.2 is too low. It usually gets 1%, 2%… Anyway, did you disabled “Autogain”? If you didn’t the bot is running Autogain despite you set any value to GAIN. In other words, if you want GAIN parameter to be taken into account by the bot, you need to set AUTOGAIN to “false”.

    The strategy is great, but sometimes I feel like it’s not good at capturing the bottom of some moves.

    Capturing the bottom is very difficult. It’s easy to say “I would have bought here at the bottom” once you see the graph, but very hard to do before it happens, as no one has a crystal ball . Also note that DCA 1, 2 and 3 and quite fast, but from 4 onwards, the bot needs to increase the distance between buy points for obvious reasons.

    also it always buy from top of the moves, I know it’s not from the bot itself, the strategy is doing what it supposed to do. just thinking maybe this is because of changing the period to 5m and SMA to 21.

    This is what strategy does, and it makes to get very good profits when the market is going up, and many times, when price is going up and down in a range, something very common, it gets lots of good and profitable trades very fast.  There are other strategies that try to find a good entry point when several conditions are met, but they make much less trades. Its a different concept of what strategy does.

    unfortunately, as I expected the P&L is showing wrong profits, I did manual calculations and found that my gains are higher than what PNL shows.

    How are you calculating the PNL? I recommend you to take a look at this post, maybe it can clear you some things:

    So I was wondering can we increase the distance between the first 3 DCA rounds? for example first DCA occurs after 1.5% down in the price (the current setting is around 0.5%), second & third one each occurs after an extra 1% down (the current setting is around 0.75%), the rest can be the same as the current setting.

    I think if my idea is applicable then I can higher my TL and down the DCA rounds to 10 or 12 without worrying about the big dumps

    Yes, it’s possible to increase the distance between the first 3 DCA. DCA distance is not something fixed, it changes dynamically depending on several factors. By changing Grid Multiplier you can increase the distance %. For example, setting Grid Multiplier to 1.5 would make the bot to increase distance between buy points by 50%.

    DB1 already changes it dynamically depending on the situation. Anyway, I don’t think it’s a good idea to increase the distance for the first 3 DCAs and it would make you to lose a lot of fast and profitable trades.

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