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    Quick update: Last week there was another big dump. BNB dropped by 16%, ETH dropped by 15% and UNI dropped by 23%. The distance to my break points at this moment are: USDT-BNB: 11%, USDT-UNI: 22% and USDT-ETH: 30%.

    I’m relaxed as I feel the bot is doing a great job. ETH is involved in a cycle that started in 4400 and it managed to lower break even price to 2500, and it keeps doing its job, so I know it’s a matter of time… and patience.  We are facing huge dumps and today all the market had a big “crash”, including crypto markets.

    However I know that sooner or later prices will bounce, and considering the good job the bot did lowering average bought prices, I’m sure it will be ending these big cycles with huge profits very soon, and I will be reporting it here ;) :thumbup:

    By the way, I’m testing v4.0 and I’m very happy with v4 performance, as now CT sales are more profitable, and at the same time it’s more balanced than previous versions. Sometimes it needed to be more conservative and wait for a better buy point, and sometimes it needed to buy as the price was already a very good buy point and it had no sense to keep waiting and lose the good opportunity. Definitely v4 has much better balance and better adaptation to the different market situations. Here you can see some improved CT sales while getting better buy points, something that helps to reduce the average buy points at a faster pace while saving funds:

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