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Gunbot v22.0.8 HFT (with REST api option)

– You can run this build with legacy REST options by just ignoring to add WS_SLEEP_TIME in your config.

– If you add WS_SLEEP_TIME (in milliseconds) it will use the HFT process instead: first cycle of all pairs will fetch 1 single rest api call to get values and then it will cycle with websockets forever.

– I suggest you to start with WS_SLEEP_TIME 5000 and eventually tune at your wishes.

– This build can be safely run by people using stable v22.0.2 (without WS_SLEEP_TIME)

– Tested ws with binance, binance futures.

– Tested with sg and fg strategies families.

– Adds the following coins at kraken:

‘BNT’ ,
‘MKR’ ,
‘REN’ ,
‘ZRX’ ,
‘RARI’ ,
‘GHST’ ,

– Fix all custom strategy gui target lines.

– Change logic for fetching candle data in trend module, for hft mode.

– Sga: improve logic to determine ct sell and ct buy amounts.

– Fix pnl not updating for new orders on gui dashboard.

– Refactor chart lines placement logic.



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