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New update:

The last 20 days the market has been an ass. BTC dropped like 25% and altcoins dropped even more and they all kept going up and down in a very small range.

Despite of this UNI ended a big cycle with good profit: 41,50$

After ending this cycle, the pair USDT-UNI is cycling nicely now:

Regarding other pairs: USDT-BNB is about to close another big cycle, it’s 4% below break even price and the bot is lowering ABP constantly.

USDT-ETH is still involved in the huge cycle that started when price was in the peak, 4400. The bot keeps doing it’s work and it managed to lower ABP to 2600, which is really close to current ETH price (2300), so hopefully it will close very soon this huge cycle with huge profits.

Here you can see the profit I got for each pair:

And daily profit:

Latest days the profits have been lower than usual. Nothing to worry about, it’s normal with current market conditions. And patience pays off, you will see ;)

– Regarding v3.5 and newer v4 versions:

v3.5 is definitely better than previous versions. It fixes the issue we found with original and v1 and v2 version that made the bot trying to find a lower buy point when the price falls very fast, and it made the bot not to buy even if the price dropped 30% in some situations. That was a big bug and it’s fixed in v3.5. On the other hand, when the price falls very slow and goes sideways, v3.5 was a bit too aggressive in some circumstances, and that something I have already fixed for v4. That way v4 has a much better balance between being conservative and aggressive depending on the situation.

Other improvement I’m about to implement to v4 is to increase the profit with Continuous Trading sales. CT is really good and it helps to get lower buy points while saving funds, but at the same time we noticed that many times the profit for each CT trade was very low, so in v4 I’m going to force a higher minimum profit. This way we will get a more powerful CT. Most likely the new post will be the continuation of this one but running v4.

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