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Day 3 update

Total profit: $10.08
Total running time: 72 hours (3 days)
Average profit per day: $3.36 (-$1.01 compared to yesterday)
Average profit per hour: $0.14 (-$0.04 compared to yesterday)
Average DU across all current open orders: 4.6
Max DU across all current open orders: 6 (+1 compared to yesterday)
Capital currently utilised (Bags in Base) as a percentage of total funds assigned to the bot: 15.6% (-1.8% compared to yesterday)

Profit Screenshots:
Thanks to Aitor’s suggestion, I managed to update my GunBot version yesterday which fixed my issue with the PnL not working correctly.


, thanks for the suggestion about increasing TrailMe. I think it would be a great experiment, but I’m using V2 of this mutation so it’s probably not worth it as it might have different results on the newer versions. I do think it would be interesting to try though because looking at the buys circled in green below, I think it would lead to more lower buys than higher buys, meaning that overall it would help lower the break-even price even faster. I did a quick manual experiment on TradingView with the percentage tool, and it looks like increasing the TrailMe by 25% of its current limit could be beneficial, but it would need testing of course.


Suggestions/Possible Experiments:

On another note, in the past when I used a different bot I found that starting my DU as 2 times my TL helped in closing deals much faster (i.e. 2-3 hours instead of 1 day). For example, assuming a 1.05% TLM and a TL of $10, it would BUY at $10, then DU at $20.00, $21.00, $22.05, $23.15, $24.30 etc. Because the first DU is double the BUY, it would bring the break-even down by 2/3 instead of only 1/2. It does increase the funds needed per each pair, but overall it yielded higher profits compared to running more pairs with less funds each. I just thought I would share this as it could be a useful experiment to run.

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