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Hi, all the variants have:

1- Higher trailing than original version.

2- Increasing trailing when reaching to deeper DCAs.

In this case you are in the first DCAs, that is, the lower Trailme, but still higher than original version. Anyway, I can modify your version to increase trailme if you want and we can see how it performs. The variants with higher Trailme are running good, maybe it’s still possible to increase it to a higher number and still getting better profit. We are testing and this could be a good “experiment”.

Regarding Gunbot PNL: if you are running v21.6.2 get the upgrade to v21.8.9 or to v22.0.1 from SG Mutation group and you will get updated PNL results (if you stop seeing it updated, just stop the bot and start it again and you will see all the updated info).

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