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Gunbot v22 – Stable release

This build includes the following changelogs:

– Improve telegram bot pnl calculations

– Fix pullback strategy.

– Fix adx strategy.

– Custom strategies: use require instead of requirejs for loading custom javascript modules

>> To use an external module, first place it in a folder called ‘user_modules’ in the Gunbot root folder.
Then require it in your strategy code, like this:

> On Linux (and likely macOS):
const cryptopanic = gb.method.requirejs(gb.modulesPath + ‘/cryptopanic’)

> On Windows:
const cryptopanic = gb.method.requirejs(gb.modulesPath + ‘\\cryptopanic’)

The above assumes you have a module in a folder called cryptopanic in the user_modules folder.
gb.modulesPath returns the path to whereever your gunbot folder is on your filesystem.

— Give custom strats the option to draw trading targets as lines on the chart.


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