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Hi guys, another quick report. I will make a much more detailed report once I get back to my city on Sunday.

1- BNB ended the cycle, releasing a lot of funds and getting very nice profit after a very long cycle, which started on 650$ aprox and ended around 400$. Nice job lowering ABP btw.

2- UNI also ended the cycle as I told you in the previous post, and it’s doing very good since then, fast and profitable cycles:

3- ETH did a very good job lowering ABP from 4400 and it was very very close to end the cycle. Now there was a new drop and now it’s around -8% aprox. Nothing to worry about, just another day in the office. As I said, it’s just a matter of time. The bot continues lowering ABP and this cycle will end with profit soon, same as other pairs.

Summarizing, now I have 70%+ free funds, and the strategy managed to handled huge drops from around 60 to 70%, so things going very good :thumbup:

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