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I usually like to post updates when a cycle has ended, but in this case I will do in a middle of a cycle after a huge drop. BTC dropped from 65k to 32k and my coins dropped up to around 66% from the price the cycle started:

Worried? No, not at all. The bot keeps doing it job, lowering the average bought price with DCAs and with CT trades. And the higher the dump it is, the higher the profit will be after ending the cycle :thumbup:

On the other hand, this huge dump has been very useful to check how the strategy behaves in these kind of situations and I got important conclusions that have lead to some changes / improvements being coded to the strategy.

The cycle for USDT_BTC pair started at 650 aprox, and now the average bought price is 481. As I said, the bot keeps doing its work, and now is when you see how important is it to allocate enough funds to let the bot do its job when there is a big dump like this one. We didn’t make a calculator for fun, there was a very important reason for doing it.

So, I will be posting soon the profits after closing the cycle :wave:

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